transformation, grasping harmonious mine construction, a strong impetus to the development of the coal industry. 2014 production of 8.16 million tons of coal in the coal market trough, about three times the 2011 production of 2.8 million tons; the above-scale industrial output growth rate of 23.5 percent, ranking first in Yulin City; 3.6 million tons of coal methanol the output value of 1.3 billion yuan project, Huadian Yuheng 1 billion yuan output value of the power plant; 13 schedule to promote the integration of mine, Wei wall, Zhu hilly high standards of modern coal mine will be put into the same time, actively seek policy, funding up to win the Central , care and support of the provinnike air presto 4 mens  cial, municipal, and reserves a number of advantages of coal conversion projects, energy transformation and upgrading of the coal industry is growing. White is an enriching. Cashmere goats are Yokoyama of a "business card", pay close attention to the standardization of the county through breeding, forage planting and sheep products deep processing, and effectively promoting the people to get rich, now the county child rearing sheep amount of more than 180.5 million, the 2014 New in 45 small-scale farms, standardized scale farms 20, 10 sheep model village, "Yokoyama lamb" provincial approval by local standards,

 only one of you can make the sheep sheep masses per capita income reached 6,000 yuan. Green is a US county. Vigorously implement the "three Zhilv action", pay close attention to urban and rural areas, businesses, roads and landscaping green countryside, and in 2014 completed planting 11 acres, 3.06 acres of grazing prohibition, new construction and renovation, "Mita" 0.91 acres ; check dam reinforcement 71, solve the problem of safe drinking water to 5.2 million people; reduce pollution emissions and continue to strengthen the work of the city's garbage, and create a clean living environment, air quality, more than two days up to 329 days. A city is a county. Transformation of the county, in 2014 invested 245 million yuan to build a 1.4 km Lo River embankment slope protection works and nine municipal road construction water storage projects, entrepreneurship Road, Xinda Road, etc., built 2288 unnike air max 2014 ukits of affordable housing and sync up foundation facilities, successfully created a provincial health county, is currently promoting national health county, provincial garden county, provincial environmental protection model town, the provincial civilized town "four-city joint creation." Three parks Southwest District, tertiary service area, small and medium business parks rely Yulin municipal government, "Yu Wang one" strategic planning, optimization and upgrading of infrastructure, facilities increasingly sophisticated, adsorption of the park, carrying

capacity and drive significantly enhanced. A highway huaiyuan Avenue project is completed on a newly built village road 424 kilometers.This series of work ideas from planning to establish, based on the full recognition of Hengshan love and scientific judgments, proved the actual situation in full compliance with the county, but with the new developments and the economic situation of normal height fit. Under the guidance of macro-development ideas and specific industrial planning, under the guidance of macroeconomic thinking, in 2014, the GDP of 13.609 billion yuan, 9.31 billion yuan more than in 2011 increased by 43 percent, and per capita disposable income of urban residents was 29,021 yuan, 20,515 yuan more than in 2011 grew 41.5%, rural per capita net income of 9388 yuan, 6701 yuan more than 2011's growth of 40.1%, three years, the county's poverty reduction cumulative 40,000 penike air max 95 sale  ople.Focused, targeted, painted on the transformation and upgrading of the road mapSixteenth in the county committee of nine full-cum-economic work conference, county closely around the central "four comprehensive" strategic layout requirements proposed 2015 county general idea of ​​the work, that, according to the "development, stability and harmony." Master's work, so that "five adhere to the" shake, namely: adherence to the "three sections" planning position unswervingly adhere to the "four" main direction of the project unswervingly adhere to the project led to the development focus unswervingly uphold the supremacy of the people's livelihood philosophy unswervingly adhere to strictly manage the party running the party from the real unswervingly