"Yuheng one" great opportunity to further improve the park functions to enhance the attractiveness and bearing capacity. According to the overall plan to enhance the southwest area of ​​the program, the completion of street lighting and roads Su Yu eight municipal roads, roads, pipelines and lighting signage and marking works Yuhen  nike air max 2015 ukg thirteen Road west and other five municipal roads; start Mountain Park and park heating project. Tertiary service area to start Yulin Junior High School building, complete Phoenix Metro landscape engineering and Lo-yang three-way landscaping, improve the park municipal road network construction. SME business park around the polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical raw materials, the introduction of building a number of downstream products processing enterprises, start-sewage treatment plant construction. Town township building to create convenient service center focused on accelerating rural drinking water projects, fully grasp the provinces, municipalities and key towns, and constantly improve and perfect service functions, so that the area people work faster and more convenient life.(C) the

handling of the "two plants" project launched work.Economic restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading can make substantial critical step, depends largely on the quality of coal conversion project and the leading role. After six months of actively strive to secure a successful docking Hengshan can Shi Zhao Shan River 2 × 1000 MW power plant expansion and Yokoyama two coal integration project, which fit two power plant projects are national strategic layout, improve county economy excellent project development effectiveness. This year, Hengshan will build "two plants" as a top priority of the county construction projects, give the county to ensure that these two major projects started landing. On the one hand, strengthen communication and coordination with the central, provincial, municipal, and make every effort to docking services, actively seek more policy support and approval of support, a part of a link to track implementation. On the other hand, strictly implement the responsibility, well in advance of the investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes work, without prejudice to the legitimate interests of the people, to eliminate all resistance, to ensure that the project will be able to start construction as soon as pos nike air max thea womens   sible once the floor. Meanwhile, around the two

projects, grasp the vision, supporting small and medium enterprises planning to put some in, and constantly improve the service functions, promote development of other industries.(Four) caught land consolidation and transfer work.County level is deepening reform frontier, people will judge the reform of direct answer. Hengshan good people to serve as the primary prerequisite for the deployment of the county's overall reform plan, undertake both good top-level design, and is committed to grassroots innovation, honest to solve practical problnike air max thea mensems the people most concerned about. From 2013 onwards, the land transfer Hengshan county established as the number one project to promote the introduction of a "speed up the implementation of rural land circulation to promote the views of the scale of operation" and established a county, township and village rural land contracting right service center . By the end of 2014, a total of 6.5 million acres of land transfer norms, rice planting area in 2011 from less than 4,000 acres to restore three acres, Yokoyama already have a mature dark land transfer conditions change, so this year is to focus on the county's land reform circulation and land consolidation. On the basis of good agricultural township Wuding River Basin, to further encourage and support farmers