that the Asia-Pacific. Therefore, the United States by way of efforts to enhance the variety of approaches in the forefront of the Asia-Pacific region subordinates. For Asia-Pacific security situation, the United States and allies to strengthen military ties. US-South Korea military alliance now remain operational status, and on March 2 at the same time start the two code-named "vulture" and "key decisions" joint military exercises; and Japan's new revision of the "Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan."; Best to help Armed Forces of the Philippines to enhance strength, increase US troops in the rotation frequency of the Philippines; Singapore's new military subordinates; troops stationed in Australia. Also stressed that in the foreseeable future, the US policy and posture in the Asia-Pacific region will be a strategic flexibility, as well as the area around the nature of political continuity.Strengthen alliances and partnerships with Asia-Pacific countriesNew Year, as the first invited to participate in India's Repunike air max 90 hyperfuse ukblic Day celebrations in the United States President, Barack Obama's visit to India on

January 25, and will define the relationship between the United States and India as "decisive significance in the 21st century strategic partnership"; in the South China Sea issue on support ASEAN States, in favor of the formation of the ASEAN member countries through the efforts of the regulatory framework; and Thailand signed a joint declaration to extend the military alliance; the establishment of "the most preliminary" military ties with Burma; expand with Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. national defense and military cooperation, the opportunity to render and display the "hegemony" intent-led Asia-Pacific region.Because of the above actions the United States to take a series of ulterior motives, causing the Asia-Pacific countries have launched an arms race, resulting in the Asia-Pacific region perilous situation, in turmoil. In just near the end of the APEC (APEC) Leaders' Meeting on the twenty-second, the Chinese government put forward initiatives and measures for the sustainable developmentnike air max 90 sale   of the Asia-Pacific has injected new momentum, US President Barack Obama also issued a "support China's reform and development no intention to contain or containment of China, "the speech. Thus, the United States can insist on what they seem, do what they preach, is to ensure the "Asia-Pacific peace, world development," the key to people all over the world and brave of view.

 property protection is moving to a higher standard, strict protection of intellectual social values ??of the gradual establishment of property rights, intellectual property rights regime change by social attention. "Data released by the State Intellectual Property Office, "in 2014, the State Intellectual Property Office received a total of 928,000 applications for invention patents, an increase of 12.5%, ranking first nike air max 1 sale  in the world." This figure more than 10 years ago, an increase of 6 times. "Asahi Shimbun" also pointed out that China is now patent intellectual property issues in the most violent areas of change. In addition to the patent, trademark protected objects is one of the priorities of many companies have concerns, and trademark protection, especially old trademark protection should be further strengthened.In recent years, because of trademark disputes, old Chinese national brands, "Li Gui," an imposter, a trademark is a similar hit "too close", has become a painful experience. This is where the "Wong Lo Kat", "Respect, Thai",