ailed to form a pair of illegal deterrent behavior."The key is to strengthen supervision of state-owned enterprises, in accordance with laws and regulations, the party's eighth Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Session of the decision, the central authorities on the rule of law, accelerate the transformation of government functions and requirements, the courage to reform and innovation system, the integration of oversight resources strengthen coordination and cooperation of various forms of supervision, improve the overall effectiveness of supervision, building penetration, large    nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheapefforts have effective anti-corruption, anti-loss system of supervision. "Yong said last library.Where the tube Ma Zhengwu Members:Not to push the issue to the external environment to make innovation become endogenous dynamics(Reporter Cui Lu Ping) "This is a crucial year reform floor, it should be said SOE reform landing conditions are relatively mature, there will be substantive action, said from the external environment, the government should continue to enhance the capacity of the tube capital; from the inside the environment that motivates companies to build innovative management model. "March 10, the CPPCC National Committee, China Chengtong Group chairman Ma Zhengwu said this in an interview with

 reporters. He also suggested that the main purpose of the reform is to enable enterprises to become the main market, enhance the vitality of state-owned enterprises, control and influence."As the country's capital is the property of the people, it must be a special regulation. Better manage capital, but also for enterprises to become the main market for the creation of a large environment." In Ma Zhengwu view, the most important elements of state-owned enterprises supervision prevent the loss of state assets, which includes both buy low and sell high, the transfer of benefits, secret operations, minority-owned and other countries to control the transfer of part related issues, bnike air max 95 cheaput also inefficient ineffective internal management, decision-making errors and other problems. "Regulatory approach these two issues are different for the former cage, the system should also be borne in some bar; for the latter, to effectively improve the operating efficiency of state-owned enterprises, to boot control in terms of assessment and incentive."Ma Zhengwu mentioned, there is a regulation is a state-owned operations, configuration efficiency evaluation, "companies do not make money, or did not earn the earn, can be seen as a lack of efficiency. And this evaluation includes both routine examination,

including the parties face supervision of enterprises, which requires the central enterprises to increase the level of disclosure. "In the internal reform of enterprises, Ma Zhengwu that the ultimate direction of the reform is to the market, it is necessary to emphasize the strategic configuration of the state capital, but also stressed that the state-owned capital operation efficiency, the two can not be neglected."In the next step of the reform process should be encouraged to try a bold enterprise, tested in practice. In addition, companies can not put all the blame to the external environment, to make innovation become the state-owned raw power, of which, onnike air max 2014 cheaply part of the market demand-oriented, More important is to create market demand. This requires reform of the internal management, encouraging innovation, and tolerance of failure. "Ma Zhengwu said.What pipe A debate on the reform of state-owned enterprisesManage people, manage money, work and one of the VS focal point in the corporate governance structureNewspaper reporter Yang ChaoyingIn the economic sector panel discussion, the CPPCC National Committee and HE Xiaohong Jiang on some specific issues with the new SOE reform the event of a disagreement.Xiaohong Jiang was suggested that the central government to improve the state-owned assets management system, after a tube-based capital to strengthen supervision of state-owned assets, the emergence of a just-oriented capital. The main pipe capital is