significant for the county level is concerned, and comprehensively promote the county law, strengthen social management and the rule of law with the rule of law and innovative ways of thinking to achieve economic and social reform and development of the county , harmony and stability of the most important pre-conditions. In recent years, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Hengshan county, the county government to the concept of the rule of law throughout all areas of economic and social development, continue to strengthen training and education, publicity and, moral education and other work for the county economy Social Development provides a good legal environment and social security, and now Yokoyama, undertakings have maintained a good momentum of healthy forward, the majority ofnike air max 2015 price  people could feel a big change not what.Clear, distinctive, laying the economic and social development of the fast laneOctober 2011, the county in-depth research, listen to opinions from all parties on the basis of the establishment of the "12345" development strategy: adhere to the scientific concept of development, around the Fumin county overall goal; outstanding harmony and stability, by leaps and bounds two main themes; take catch cadre style, grasping system implementation, and do their work to implement three measures; implement large energy conversion, the industrialization of agriculture, urban and rural livelihood popularity of the four strategies; promoting peace, prosperity,

green, civilized, happy Yokoyama Five construction. Meanwhile, according to Yokoyama geographical conditions and location advantages, according to the "big regional distribution, large plates and development" ideas, the Yokoyama three blocks north is zoned, Wudinghe relying Yuheng one and "three areas of a garden", promoting industrialization and urbanization; Wudinghe south of loess gully region, promote agricultural character, industrialization, focusing on the development of "a sheep two beans" (sheep, seed potatoes, green beans species); 5 km Wudinghe wetlands, and both sides within, relying on Wang Ge reservoir block the development of ecological agriculture, landscape agriculture, fishing sideline and cultural tourism, promote large-scale, intensive development.October 2012, the county county depth judged the actual situation in a timely manner to the county's master work by "stability, harmony and development" to "development, stability and harmony", the development on the first one, seeking to develop stable nike air huarache ukto stable configurations harmony, harmony and development. And to determine from 2013, to promote a black (coal industry), one white (sheep industry), a green (eco-construction), a city (cities and towns), "four" project, the "four-wheel drive" to help Push the county one hundred industry. Black is a county. Yokoyama coal industry is an important pillar industry of the county yield by grasping, grasping technical innovation, focus on sales, grasping

push forward the new normal economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization construction and party building, push forward the development of various undertakings in the county, and specific and clear the need to give prominence to the "six things":(A) catch "Thirteen Five" planning work.A good plan can make all aspects of the rule-based career, you can make the work more efficiently. State Department Yulin as a "multi-gauge one" pinike air flyknit max mens   lot city, which also Yokoyama crack development challenges, accelerate the transformation and upgrading provides a great opportunity. On planning principles, according to the municipal Hengshan insisted "more regulated one" deployment requirements, firmly grasp "along the way", Hubao silver elm economic zone, poor planning Luliangshan Area and other major strategic opportunity to showcase the features of Yokoyama advantages as a breakthrough, for more projects to squeeze plate above the level of planning. Spatial layout, adhere to the "three plate" position as industrial layout planning and project arrangements simply follow depth judged large normal logic of the new economy, with the well-prepared to meet the opportunities and leave enough space for development opportunities, the focus is to do energy planning and land use planning, and effectively